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More about Global Food’s free online ordering system

My Thoughts

To sign up on my page, just choose: “No Account? Sign up here.”

I’ve been a partner of Global Food since 2019.

What I like:

  • Free but robust integrated online ordering platform –> Give your customers a convenient way to order your takeout and in-house delivery on your Facebook page or website.
  • No commission or fees –> You keep more of your money.
  • No binding contracts –> If you don’t like it, cancel at any time.
  • Option of ordering for later –> Would you like to come in to your restaurant, check the app, and have some orders of the day waiting for you? With this system, it’s possible.
  • Multiple locations, no problem –> Easily add more than one restaurant if you have more than one location.
  • Designed for takeout AND in-house delivery –> If you offer in-house delivery as well as takeout, your customers can order both through the app.

Check out a demo Facebook page and website (look for the buttons).


Here’s a short cartoon video, showing why having an online ordering system is a good idea.

Interested? Sign up one of two ways, through my partner link or directly with Global Food.

Since it is a free service, I don’t make any money if you sign up for the basic-but-awesome free level. If you sign up through my link, I will connect the system to your Facebook page (if you give me Editor access to it) and may be able to help get your menu up if it’s not too complicated … for free.

Sign up through Global Food if you prefer. I can’t help behind the scenes then.

I like to give people OPTIONS.

NOTE: The cartoon was made before the coronavirus, so you will see some things that used to happen in the old days, you know, in January…


Why You Should

To sign up on my page, just choose: “No Account? Sign up here.”

What It’s Like

Here’s a short video that shows the customer experience… and yours.

So, you might be wondering… what’s in it for me, Jamie Jack?

If you do opt at some point to purchase one of Global Food’s add-ons, I’ll make a small percentage, but you won’t pay any more.

But for me during the pandemic, I just sincerely want to help. I know restaurants are struggling, and I believe this online ordering program is top-notch and can do wonderful things for a restaurant. 

Take it for a spin and see! 

To sign up on my page, just choose: “No Account? Sign up here.”